We provide video and photo services from the air.
We use silent and really manoeuvrable radio controlled multi-copters and most advanced video stabilisation platforms. Such a professional decision enables us to shoot video and photo captures from a bird’s eye in extremely high resolution. Unlike ordinary helicopters, „Wonderful Voyage“ has a unique video shooting platform which can achieve the same great results in environmentally friendly way, no unnecessary noise and saving customer expenses. Captures taken using our multi-copters are of no less and sometimes even of greater quality compared to the ones taken using traditional ways and due to this they are used in professional video clips and to create entire reportages. Visual material from a height of a flight can also be useful in business – for property owners and in real estate, travel agencies, event organisers and many other areas. Our film and video processing team can create a promotional video clip for a product or a service, we can also prepare the material for online posting or transfer in any digital format of your choice. In any extreme circumstances where it is difficult or impossible to reach a place using traditional methods, we have pleasantly surprised film creators with excellence and a quality stable video transmission from the sky. You will certainly be satisfied with a photo and video captures from a height of a flight.

We take each of the orders with extreme attention

  • An object and location

    We discuss and explore the location and objects, assess possibilities.

  • Ideas

    We listen to requirements and share proposed ideas. We also design and suggest shot angles.

  • Flights

    We take required number of flights at agreed date and time. We take still photographs/ video shoots.

  • Production

    We discuss products with a customer. We process photo/video material in the pre-agreed way. We present samples.

  • Delivery

    After samples have been reviewed, if there is no need for additional flights, we present final product in mutually agreed media.

Commercial and private facilities
We are using relatively small radio controlled multi-copters and can easily fly through various obstacles and between buildings and can capture those buildings and other objects in high quality and resolution photo and video clips at an unusual angle. We can also shoot a large area revealing its whole beauty and splendour for your clients. Such a unique tool will no doubt increase your chances in a highly competitive market and will represent your product/services more effectively than old fashioned photographs.

Professional films and TV
We offer you the benefit of alternative ways for filming scenes for feature and documentary films, shooting music video clips, commercial advertising, or broadcasting of extreme sports and other events from a height of a flight. This is a great way to shoot mass scenes, explosions, cars, fires, fireworks, concerts and other video clips from the air.

Hotels and resorts
We provide services for hotels, tourist places, resorts, holiday homes and villas. We provide a unique opportunity to present the location and facilities from an impressive perspective. Using such photographs you can allow thousands of your potential clients to feel the comfort, tranquillity and scenery of a certain represented location. Aerial photographs are valuable marketing tool when creating a website, brochures, leaflets, presentations, posters and the like.

Nature photography
Wonderful Voyage copter causes little noise and can secretly fly in the wild. Its manoeuvrability enables us to change position quickly and hassle free, track wild animals, which are difficult capture unnoticed.

Outdoor events and sporting events
We often fly over events, concerts and music festivals outdoors. We have discovered that photographs from a sky greatly reflect the location and real spirit and video inserts to live TV broadcast perfectly represent mass scenes such as people’s applause, fireworks and the like. Some sports events are very difficult to capture such as sailing, mountain biking, rally, skiing and others. Often it is very difficult to take photographs at a right angle and closely enough. We can help in such situations by using radio controlled multi-copter which is also equipped with special audience safety assurance equipment. We can simply fly around from a few metres to up to 300 metres round the hot spots of events and shoot perfect unique images. Our equipment’ agility and accuracy in different spaces and conditions enables us to take such photos and capture video images which would cost considerably more if using traditional ways. We do monitor everything in LCD LED screen from a control location and due to this we have no difficulty to capture certain images upon request; we can consider customer’s requirements in real time.

Golf course overview
We film high quality 18-hole overviews from a height of a flight. This is an opportunity to attract more golf lovers to your club, to renew your golf club website online, also to encourage foreign players to visit your green course. HD quality images are a perfect video material representing your golf course which can be played in a club office, can be used in presentations and promotional clips.

Special occasions
We can film or capture photographs of a birthday party, picnic, other outdoor celebrations, weddings without any disruption to the scenario and almost invisible. We also help wedding photographer or operator with captures in weddings. Wonderful Voyage aerial captures make celebrations and other occasions more variable.

Customers, who have been satisfied with our work…