Video and photo services from the air

We provide video and photo aerial services

Aerial photography

There is no other more specific and universal way to take unique shots! Due to remote radio controlled multi-copter we have all the necessary tools and possibilities to select a right height, angle and perspective for that perfect shoot. Our possibilities are in line with the work of an ordinary plane pilot and a photographer.

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Video shooting from the air

We have all possibilities to shoot a unique high quality and high resolution material. Our modern radio controlled aircrafts are equipped with professional GPS as well as flight stability assurance system based on gyroscopes and horizon sensors.

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We publish photo albums/photo books from a height of a flight. We can create unique photo prints on canvas, we make greeting cards and post cards, calendars and other souvenirs. For more details regarding orders please call or write to us using details provided in the section “contacts”.

Wonderful Voyage team mission

To gain unique skills in making unmanned glider photo and video sessions. To offer our clients best possible result using most up to date modern technologies. To introduce and make our services available to film producers, live TV broadcast and other photo and video services from the air. We aim to make as many shoots and scenes as possible, which would be impossible to capture using traditional piloted aeroplanes and helicopters. We also want to remain innovative by using the latest and safest technologies. We aim to adapt to any individual situation and satisfy customer’s needs. We offer unique and high quality scenes from a height of a flight. We wish to prove that aerial video shooting and photography is not only our job but our beloved hobby!

We take photos using gyroscope- stabilised radio controlled multi-copter. One needs special skills and technology to be able to take aerial pictures. Ordinary angle often does not reveal the true beauty of an object and piloted aeroplanes are not allowed to fly in such low altitudes. Our equipment can carry high resolution video camera recorders weighing up to 7kg. We are proficient in video shooting at an angle of a bird’s eye. Wonderful Voyage multi-copters can fly in difficult conditions either very low or rather high. Various obstacles like narrow streets is not a problem to us. We can also fly in spacious enclosed premises.

We are always happy with our present and future customers!